STORY TITLE: Bull has wife and Sub cuck 

Bull has wife and Sub cuck

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Bull has wife and Sub cuck

by MartyStag
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I met a couple in Spain in August and bulled for them. The couple were very experienced and knew exactly what they wanted. I had to send pics of everything before we met. They had their own Townhouse near Malaga. I arrived at the door and was greeted by the husband. I went in and could see only him and then I hear the wife coming down the stairs. She was dressed in Black underwear and I was immediately drawn to her tits, they were great.

After a few drinks they asked me to go upstairs, we went into a room and the wife went straight to take my shorts down. She took of my boxer briefs and went and lay in the bed. She then instructed the husband to get it hard for her. Hi got on his knees and I held my semi hard cock away from his mouth so he could work on my balls. I opened my legs and shoved his down so he could lick my perineum. I then took a step back released my no fully erect and hard cock looked at his wife and grabbed his and roughly forced my cock into his mouth. I let him lick and suck for about 5 minutes. I then withdrew my cock and turned around and told him to rim my ass, he was straight in. Lapping with his tongue and lips. I was now ready. I moved towards the bed and the wife stood up and told me to lie down on my front. Both of them got on the bed and started to massage me with scented oil. I opened my legs and they responded by going right into my ass and down along my perineum teasing my balls. This went in for about 15 minutes and she said to turn over. My cock was strong and stood straight up. She then made the husband kneel at the top of the bed and she straddled her legs either side of me, with one swift move she positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and proceeded to slide down my shaft until she was grinding on my pubic bone. Her breasts were magnificent. She rode me like a horse until she came, moaning loudly. She got off and told the husband to lick me clean and get my cock ready again. This time she lay down and I knelt up on the bed poised to mount her. She told the husband to get into position he came up and lay underneath with his below her pussy. I knew what was coming. I love this position, where I have complete control over both of them. I started by giving him my balls to lick and suck. I then let him suck my cock gently. I entered his wife and began to fuck her, and reached around and shoved his mouth onto my balls. It was glorious. His wife was reaching back and grabbing my ass, she pulled my ass apart and ordered him to rim me. He proceeded to gorge on my ass while I fucked his wife, bliss! I was ready to cum, I told her, and she said to empty your balls inside me, I climaxed and kept pumping to ensure all of my cum was shot inside her. I slowly withdrew and let my cock flop out into the husband’s mouth where he sucked and licked me until I was clean. The wife then told him to come and clean her up, which he did and he was eagerly tasting and swallowing my cum. I got dressed and left.