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avatar The dream

Lei continua ad inviare raccontiI woke up in the middle of the night because I felt your searching hand. It crept gently over my hip into my lap, which was still or already wet again.I remembered how things had changed yesterday.I swallowed your sperm and there was little to no time to say goodbye b ...

by Salentuoso
Viewed: 23 times Comments 0 Date: 04-06-2024 Language: Language
avatar Submissive

Questo è parte del racconto scritto dalla submissive in foto.He wrote me a WhatsApp saying that he was so horny this morning when he thought of me.And that's how I thought of him too.So he was there and came in the door, barely said hello and forced me to my knees to put his huge cock in my mouth.I ...

by Salentuoso
Viewed: 49 times Comments 0 Date: 02-06-2024 Language: Language
avatar Title:

My girlfriend at the time and I were just starting to experiment with the idea of sharing her body with another guy. I was her first and only partner so it was an extra hot situation to me and her too, I think. One day while messing around on the couch, I told her I want our mutual friend Tim to c ...

by WhyCantIFindMyPorn
Viewed: 66 times Comments 0 Date: 23-04-2024 Language: Language
avatar Title:

Yesterday my husband and I met up with our 22yearold BBC bull for a sexy afternoon rendezvous at a hotel. My husband filmed while I sucked his cock and fucked him good.As I took his cock into my mouth my husband held my hair back and started filming, his penis not fully erect yet started growing and ...

by AngelAkeno24
Viewed: 206 times Comments 1 Date: 14-02-2024 Language: Language
avatar My husband made my ultimate fantasy a reality

My ultimate sexual fantasy that my husband made a reality for me was being used by a large group of men but them doing so without my consent !!!!SO THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME AND BELIEVE ME I KNEW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT WHAT WAS TO HAPPEN TO ME !!!!BUT WHEN IT DID IT I LOVED IT AND WITHOUT DOUBT ...

by TheProfessorandmywife
Viewed: 142 times Comments 1 Date: 25-01-2024 Language: Language
avatar Slave Couple

My wife and i are a late 20's early thirties couple and we have been married over 20 years. We became a slave couple to a Dom bull master who owned her best friend and her husband and it was them who introduced us to the life . Unfortunately he developed health problems and we now seek a new Master. ...

by submarriedwhitecple
Viewed: 442 times Comments 2 Date: 05-09-2023 Language: Language
avatar My wife Ginger's first time to be shared

Two weekends ago my wife and myself went to a wedding in the Austin, Tx area, it was held at a golf resort. My wife made all the arrangements, we stayed on the resort which had little one bedroom condo's with king size beds, and as it turns out we were the only couple with the wedding party that sta ...

by hagolfh3
Viewed: 589 times Comments 9 Date: 18-01-2023 Language: Language
avatar My Wife Takes Advantage of a Male Stripper

The night was to be a night of dancing to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We went to a popular dance club in town and danced to songs of the 80’s. Around midnight we drifted out the door to to another spot. We ended up at a gay bar that had male strippers. The show had already started despite th ...

by cecilserpent
Viewed: 436 times Comments 3 Date: 08-01-2023 Language: Language
avatar I Shared My Latina Wife With A Stranger

So ive always had this fantasy of sharing my gf with another guy, mostly the thought of spitroasting her is what turns me on. Everytime we fuck doggy i imagine another guy with his cock down my gf's throat. Ive admitted this to her during sex and she always plays along but it was just a fantasy for ...

by HornyxPerv
Viewed: 599 times Comments 9 Date: 03-07-2022 Language: Language
avatar The true story of a guy trying to coax his wife into becoming a Hotwife (1)

FF0000The Christmas Party 20/12/19/Sarah wore her anklet to the party. I told her that I love it when she wears it. She doesn't know what it means. She's aware of a connotation to swinging but she dismisses it. My heart was racing, back in the summer, when she asked me to buy it for her. I had half ...

by simonward
Viewed: 348 times Comments 4 Date: 13-06-2022 Language: Language
avatar Begged her to Fuck another guy !

We were married too young (21) and to this day she is Hot as hell ! I became bored within about 3 or 4 years so I began to experiment with toys, bondage, and finally, the concept of her taking two dicks simultaneously.... Her Catholic guilt prevented her from considering such a sin, and it took me y ...

by dirtboy58
Viewed: 395 times Comments 1 Date: 26-08-2021 Language: Language
avatar My wife...

Hi, I'm married to a fantastic middle age and very attractive latin wife.I get everything from, affection, respect...and everything any man would dream of a good wife...actually..exceptional wife.However, my fantasies go very far and varied...Although I enjoy fantasies of me being a bull ...

by myhotmusewife
Viewed: 410 times Comments 4 Date: 13-06-2021 Language: Language
avatar My wife Denise44F

I have photosets of my mature big hanging tits wife Denise44F to the exhibitionist wives album here oncuckold so you can all see her naked. Until about 9 years ago no one but me had seen her nude ! But now she has been exposed all over the Internet on numerous sites and forums including this site no ...

by husbandofdenise44f
Viewed: 491 times Comments 2 Date: 22-05-2021 Language: Language
avatar Couple Serve Bull

As a Bull you never know when you will meet a willing couple. I was on holidays in Spain and at the Beach. I went in for a swim and while in the water a man came over to me and asked me to look at his wife lying on a beach bed. I looked over and she was face down, only wearing a thong, and looked pr ...

by MartyStag
Viewed: 474 times Comments 1 Date: 07-01-2021 Language: Language
avatar Wife takes stranger’s cock

I met a cuck couple on the Locanto app. They were in their late 20s. The wife wasn’t sure but her fantasy was to be fucked by a stranger in a hotel room, where she was lying face down on the bed, she wouldn’t see who it was, and after the stranger would leave. They were staying up in the Hilton ...

by MartyStag
Viewed: 515 times Comments 2 Date: 24-11-2020 Language: Language
avatar Bull has wife and Sub cuck

I met a couple in Spain in August and bulled for them. The couple were very experienced and knew exactly what they wanted. I had to send pics of everything before we met. They had their own Townhouse near Malaga. I arrived at the door and was greeted by the husband. I went in and could see only him ...

by MartyStag
Viewed: 331 times Comments 2 Date: 23-11-2020 Language: Language
avatar New Car - Naughty Me

I was due to meet a friend and colleague from the hospital who knew someone who was selling a Mini. I had owned a Mini once before and loved it to bits. I was intending to get another because my son is turning seventeen and it would be nice for him drive as well. I thought I vaguely recognised the ...

by DurkeeAtwood
Viewed: 554 times Comments 5 Date: 04-12-2018 Language: Language
avatar She Loves to Masturbate

This is quite a new thing for her....masturbation. Since spending a month away from each other she is finding herself missing my touch. I find myself missing her perfume, the smell of her hair and all the very private things we get up to at any time of the day. I merely asked for a video or two to r ...

by DurkeeAtwood
Viewed: 162 times Comments 2 Date: 21-08-2018 Language: Language
avatar She Needs to Have Fun

My wife would like to be touched by several men at the same time. Not a gang bang, but a really erotic encounter. To be successful I would have to get her in the mood and really horny, then someone else could take over. She could then have a second male enter the room and she would feel the extra pa ...

by DurkeeAtwood
Viewed: 210 times Comments 3 Date: 16-08-2018 Language: Language
avatar Watching My Wife

I’ll never forget the first time I watched another guy fuck my wife. Watching a man’s large cock slide into a woman’s willing cunt is one thing, but when it is your own wife that is being fucked that is absolutely stupendous! My wife, Sheila, then 42, had after much discussion been persuaded ...

by shar99
Viewed: 630 times Comments 4 Date: 02-12-2017 Language: Language
avatar Dirty Wife

When my wife and I married, she was only 22 and I was 36. She was and still is slim and attractive. We'd only known each other a few months, but hey we're still married after 17 years. Anyway we fucked like rabbits and life was great. We started to do the fantasy talk whilst fucking and it became c ...

by f4u69
Viewed: 352 times Comments 4 Date: 09-05-2017 Language: Language
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