STORY TITLE: Begged her to Fuck another guy ! 

Begged her to Fuck another guy !

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Begged her to Fuck another guy !

by dirtboy58
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We were married too young (21) and to this day she is Hot as hell ! I became bored within about 3 or 4 years so I began to experiment with toys, bondage, and finally, the concept of her taking two dicks simultaneously.... Her Catholic guilt prevented her from considering such a sin, and it took me years to get her to wer revealing clothing and sexy langerie. She hated everyrthing I loved exhibitionism, sexy revealing clothing, and flirtation that could actually lead to a MFM... Or so I thought !

After years of me asking, and her refusing, she finally admitted that she did have interest in one of my customers. I wasn't surprised at all as he would often just stop in and walk into her office, right next to mine, and close the door behind him. At first, I didn't even give it a thought thinking that he wanted to discuss sensitive business matters (his account etc...) but the frequency increased and I became somewhat suspicious and very curious at the same time. I would have been delighted if they had been fucking as long as I was in on the action.... As it turns out, she had a different idea of exploring new dick.
Well, my dirty talk both at home and in public didn't seem to help my cause but she would from time to time wear stockings with a garter belt under a dress and that usually meant that somebody was going to fuck her that day but I was still oblivious to the possibility of her already spreading her legs for other guys ad I thought she was just too


. She almost always resisted when I asked her to put on something


but usually complied. I recall one of more bold requests was that she put on a short skirt with my favorite black lace panties and when we got to the bar, she would pick a guy, and flash him until he came over. She never did that but my plan B was to invite her favorite


(Let's call him Doug) and we all would act surprised when he arrived. We ended up on the dancfloor sandwiching Marybeth and I think she liked it.... But she didn't like talking about any of these activities so I never could get a sense of how far to go or how much further she wanted to go....Around the same time, I took her out into the warehouse and tied her spread eagle and called Doug on the his cell to tell him she was waiting and ready....(See Pix) She didn't seem upset about that !!! He never arrived but he may have came in her pussy earlier that day ?