Album Title: : The slut of his bull Bruno 
The Cuckold

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The slut of his bull Bruno

Description: How many fucks do they have...

From: CornutodiRita | Created on the: 12-02-2024 21:40:19h

Lo sguardo di amore sopra
The look of pure love...
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:42:05h
Lui è pronto, merit sopra
He's ready, he deserves a blowjob...
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:42:49h
Che buono il sapore sopra
How good his cock tastes...
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:43:41h
Succhia, troia sopra
Suck it, slut...
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:44:27h
Amore, che vuoi fare sopra
Love, what do you want to do?...
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:45:13h
Girati, troia  che t sopra
Turn around, bitch, I'll break your ass...
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:46:17h
Tieni.. sopra
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:46:57h
Ti piace in culo, ve sopra
You like it in the ass, right?...
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:47:39h
Tieni troia...ti rie sopra
Here, slut... I'll fill your ass.....
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:48:50h
Vieni qua, cornuto, sopra
Come here, cuckold, lick it and it's full...
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Date: 12-02-2024 21:50:23h