Album Title: : photo report of an exciting encounter 
The Cuckold

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photo report of an exciting encounter

Description: shortly I will insert the story of this meeting with all the exciting details

From: pillolarossa | Created on the: 16-05-2022 22:41:31h

dopo aver bevuto qua sopra
after having a drink to break the ice I went to the hall to ...
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....eccola che sta g sopra
.... here she is already enjoying and observes the huge and ...
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qui ha appena raggiu sopra
here she has just reached her first orgasm and enjoys the si...
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lui si toglie e la i sopra
he takes off and invites her to turn around to be able to ta...
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girata, la attira a sopra
turned, draws her to herself .......
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lei le accarezza la sopra
she strokes her back as he starts to penetrate her ......
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inizia a stantuffarl sopra
she starts pounding her hard into her pussy .... but soon .....
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con la mano sposta i sopra
with her hand she moves the big cock from her pussy to her a...
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mentre si gode quell sopra
while enjoying that kind of pole in the ass he starts suckin...
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continua a spompinar sopra
keep blowing me ......
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l'altra milfona indi sopra
the other milf directs my chest into her mouth .... she had ...
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anche l'altra non si sopra
the other too does not hold back and wants to do her part .....
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viola cede il mio ca sopra
Viola gives my cock to her because she wants to enjoy his en...
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l'altra prende il so sopra
the other takes over .... if you want to taste it and will s...
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ecco il premio...una sopra
here's the prize ... one of my copious cumshots that can...
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il mio cazzo sfianca sopra
my cock exhausted by both mouths and lubricated by their sal...
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il momento dell'orga sopra
Viola's anal orgasm moment .... filled like never before...
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lui e appena uscito sopra
he has just come out and Viola starts to ooze ... his cum co...
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a tette non eravamo sopra
we weren't in a bad way .... she's going to clean up...
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lei pulisce il cazzo sopra
she cleans her man's big cock just out of Viola's as...
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sempre ripulitura... sopra
always cleaning up ......
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questa foto per dare sopra
this photo to give an idea of the cock that Viola broke ... ...
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