Album Title: : When we were a whole lot younger. 
The Cuckold

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When we were a whole lot younger.

Description: The photos of our 20 years.

From: coppiaguardona63 | Created on: 04-10-2022 13:11:43h

Foto per verifica ch sopra
Photo to verify that the same as the ad...
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:14:12h
Altre foto... Lusy r sopra
More photos ... Lusy naughty girl....
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:17:45h
Il tempo della Polar sopra
The time of the Polaroid ... It was the year 1995....
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:18:39h
La nostra amica bise sopra
Our bisexual friend buggers Francesco....
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:21:18h
Lusi monta la nostra sopra
Lusi mounts our friend ... Always been a tomboy....
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:23:06h
Io,Lusy e lui di cop sopra
Me, Lusy and him from a friendly couple....
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:26:20h
Un amica cavalca Lus sopra
A friend rides Lusy....
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:31:03h
Lusy pecorinizza una sopra
Lusy doggystyle a couple lei....
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:32:32h
Le lettere che arriv sopra
Letters arriving at the poste restante post office or post o...
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:35:03h
Foto sopra. Io, Lusy sopra
Photo above. Me, Lusy and him as a couple. Photo below. Lusy...
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:39:29h
Come eravamo tanti a sopra
How we were so many years younger....
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:46:00h
I migliori anni dell sopra
The best years of our life....
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Date: 04-10-2022 13:49:01h
Altro scatto... sopra
Another shot ......
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Date: 04-10-2022 17:13:42h
Tre foto in una pagi sopra
Three photos on a newspaper page ......
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Date: 04-10-2022 17:14:20h