Album Title: : The Banana Game (1° parte) 
The Cuckold

cover album

The Banana Game (1° parte)

Description: Evening game. Selection of soft shots. Other shots will go in the private room.

From: REGINAandI | Created on the: 29-03-2024 12:02:06h

L'approccio sopra
The approach ...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:05:01h
L'avvicinamento sopra
The approach ...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:06:13h
Tante belle banane sopra
Lots of beautiful bananas...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:07:12h
Le prove sopra
The proof...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:07:53h
Il primo contatto sopra
The first contact ...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:08:51h
Sono belle tante ban sopra
Lots of bananas are beautiful!...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:09:34h
Sporcarsi un po' sopra
Get a little dirty ...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:10:15h
Giocherellando con i sopra
Playing with thoughts ...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:12:12h
Un piccolo party sopra
A little party...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:14:10h
Sapore di banana sopra
Banana flavor...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:15:52h
Una certa voglia di sopra
A certain desire for cocktails ...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:17:36h
Una certa voglia di sopra
A certain craving for banana ...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:18:22h
Mangiato il primo fr sopra
Eaten the first fruit ...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:19:28h
Pronta per gli altri sopra
Ready for others ...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:20:03h
Adesso un po' più h sopra
Now a little harder xxx...
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Date: 29-03-2024 12:21:18h