Album Title: : Her wish 
The Cuckold

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Her wish

Description: This is my slut, C. We're a normal couple but decided we want to show ourselves to others and know what they think.She's a filthy tart and I want to know how you guys and gals would service her. Absolutely all comments are welcome. I also want to know what you think about me. We are happy to chat and see where it goes

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Filthy comments most sopra
Filthy comments most welcome ...
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:19:29h
Horny sopra
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:20:47h
Wanton sopra
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:21:21h
Ready sopra
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:22:02h
Fuck her sopra
Fuck her...
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:22:42h
Playtime sopra
Playtime ...
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:23:31h
Beginning to seep sopra
Beginning to seep...
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:25:09h
Getting hard sopra
Getting hard...
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:26:02h
Pumping sopra
Pumping ...
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:26:45h
Ladies? sopra
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Date: 18-11-2023 12:27:34h