Album Title: : Bull's slutty evening 
The Cuckold

cover album

Bull's slutty evening

Description: With my favorite bull! He wrote to me in the afternoon if he could come and fuck me! Since Leon wanted pizza I took the opportunity to have the bull take it home!

From: nikitaleon | Created on the: 17-11-2023 23:54:39h

Guarda cornuto sopra
Look cuckold...
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Date: 17-11-2023 23:59:04h
Che bello farmi lecc sopra
How nice to be licked...
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Date: 17-11-2023 23:59:57h
Dammelo tutto ! sopra
Give it all to me!...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:01:11h
X sopra
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:02:40h
Servizio completo co sopra
Complete service as always...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:03:27h
Mi piace la lingua i sopra
I like the tongue in my mouth in front of the cuckold...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:05:54h
Duro come piace a me sopra
Hard as I like it...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:07:11h
Voglia di metterlo i sopra
Want to put it in your mouth...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:08:32h
X sopra
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:09:40h
Sbavo ! sopra
Have fun!...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:10:22h
Guarda cornuto ! sopra
Look cuckold!...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:11:31h
Vedi che voglia di c sopra
See how much I want cock 🤘🏿...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:12:24h
Sempre in bocca sopra
Always in the mouth...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:13:02h
Tuttoooo sopra
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:13:38h
Bocca spalancata sopra
Mouth wide open...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:14:08h
Gran bel cazzo ! sopra
Great cock!...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:14:43h
Cosa dite 🤘🏿 sopra
What do you say 🤘🏿🤘🏿...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:15:17h
Sempre quello sguard sopra
Always that slutty look that the cuckold likes so much...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:16:05h
Famelica sopra
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:16:40h
Adesso scopami così sopra
Now fuck me so the cuckold is happy and jerks off!!...
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Date: 18-11-2023 00:17:59h