Album Title: : My wife and the young Romanian 
The Cuckold

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My wife and the young Romanian

Description: I gave the opportunity to a young Romanian I know to fuck my wife in my presence. I met him in the workplace, we established a very good friendship between us, one day (while talking) I had to make him understand (with many objective difficulties) my particular way of being a husband, I introduced my wife to him "accidentally" during one of our video call, we invited him to dinner, he willingly accepted, and it ended up as you can see. Sorry for the quality of the photos, not excellent, but they are the result of frames of a video I took during their fun..

From: cornutoestivo | Created on the: 15-11-2023 18:15:16h

Inizia il dopocena, sopra
After dinner begins, even if it took a little while for my w...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:25:21h
Lui era già pronto sopra
He was already ready (blessed youth) and certainly was durin...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:28:02h
Ho chiesto al ragazz sopra
I asked the boy to show her what he was able to offer her, h...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:30:37h
Cambio posizione per sopra
I change position to better admire his equipment, my wife wa...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:31:44h
Improvvisamente, la sopra
Suddenly, my imposing wife, without saying anything, climbs ...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:34:04h
Se lo fa mettere den sopra
If you can put it in in the blink of an eye......
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:35:21h
Se lo fa sparire den sopra
If he makes it disappear inside completely, I can understand...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:36:40h
Guardate che bel cul sopra
Look what a beautiful ass my bride has.....
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:37:27h
Giro loro intorno, m sopra
I walk around them, I really like seeing them fuck.....
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:38:19h
Anche le palle sembr sopra
Even the balls seem to make their way inside my wife, the rh...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:40:10h
Vanno avanti per un sopra
They go on for a while in the candle dampening position, the...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:41:40h
Tutto dentro senza p sopra
All inside without mercy, my wife's moans become irresis...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:43:01h
Bravo Marin.. è cos sopra
Well done Marin.. that's how you fuck a little wife...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:43:56h
La chiava sotto i mi sopra
The fuck before my eyes with extraordinary power...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:44:50h
Poi, dopo diverso te sopra
Then, after some time, he asks me for permission to put her ...
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Date: 15-11-2023 18:48:10h