Album Title: : Lady G meets at the Tabuzero hotel 
The Cuckold

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Lady G meets at the Tabuzero hotel

Description: After having already met him other times Lady G still wanted him .... and how can you not satisfy her ...... and he was in the hotel room waiting for us.

From: GeGpiggys | Created on the: 13-01-2022 17:30:30h

Eccola che entra in sopra
Here she comes into the room ...........
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Prosecco e pasticcin sopra
Prosecco and pastries to start ......
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Lui vuole controllar sopra
He wants to check the situation right away .............
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Si mettono vicini... sopra
They get close ........
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Dopo il prosecco ed sopra
After the prosecco and the pastries, he immediately takes he...
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Lady G inizia a most sopra
Lady G begins to show itself .... with pleasure...
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Iniziano a baciarsi sopra
They start kissing and warming up...
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La bacia e le palpa sopra
He kisses her and fondles Lady G's ass well...
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Come si baciano ment sopra
How they kiss while I photograph them...
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Lady G lo spoglia ed sopra
Lady G undresses it and begins to taste it ...........
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Lady inizia a leccar sopra
Lady starts licking his balls...
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Lady G inizia a pren sopra
Lady G starts taking it in his mouth...
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Lady G lo ingoia tut sopra
Lady G swallows it all she likes soooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
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Lady  G si gusta ben sopra
Lady G is enjoying her chapel well and she licks it all over...
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Lady G si gusta bene sopra
Lady G enjoys his cock as well as she feeds it !!!!...
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lady G e Tabuzero av sopra
Lady G and Tabuzero entwined they kiss and touch each other ...
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Due cazzi per Lady G sopra
Two cocks for Lady G as she likes, she jerks me off and suck...
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Ora lady G succhia i sopra
Now lady G sucks mine and jerks him off...
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Lady G lo succhia me sopra
Lady G sucks him while he fingers her...
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La sditalina bene be sopra
He fingers her well while Lady G continues to suck and enjoy...
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Adesso inizia a scop sopra
Now he starts fucking Lady G doggystyle...
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Adesso se la lecca t sopra
Now he licks it all right...
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Tabuzero scopa tutta sopra
Tabuzero fucks all over Lady G while she sucks me off...
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Una bella scopata a sopra
A good doggystyle fuck for Lady G...
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Lady G lo sega dopo sopra
Lady G jerks him off after being fucked...
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Lady G glielo prende sopra
Lady G takes it in his mouth again and sucks it well...
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Adesso che Tabuzero sopra
Now that Tabuzero is hard enough Lady G rides him...
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Lady G adesso lo pre sopra
Lady G now takes it all inside on horseback...
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Lady G scopata ancor sopra
Lady G fucked doggystyle again like godeeeeeee...
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Lady G presa bene pe sopra
Lady G well taken by the hips and banged hard...
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